It appears is all over the development this week: George Clooney features broken up together with gf, Stacy Kiebler.

Folks are stating it is the “older guy, more youthful lady” syndrome. Younger lady gets sick of the older guy and stops the partnership.


Do you have anything preferable to report about? This is the a lot of ridiculous thing I have you ever heard.

Its George Clooney. The guy life their own existence and tends to make his personal selections. The guy dates women of any age for a period of time immediately after which they split.

However everyone wants to twist and change the storyline into anything it’s not.

Let’s talk about the syndrome.

I get lots of dudes within their 40s and 50s which state they only date feamales in their own 20s.

I’ve found that absolutely ridiculous. Personally, I wouldn’t previously wish to time feamales in their own 20s. It is simply too-young for where Im within my existence.

Yes, I find all of them quite. They can be great to check out. Although second they open their unique mouths, I’m not interested. They may be youthful as well as an alternative period within their physical lives.


“Have you ever outdated younger ladies and

realized you weren’t for a passing fancy road?”

I would instead associate with those who I have it on with – mentally, mentally and physically.

The “older guy, younger woman” problem is truly almost more mature men trying to create a physical commitment or hookup they did not have whenever they were younger.

As much as I’m worried, i’d never ever want to relive my personal 20s. We permit folks in their unique 20s stay in their own 20s, have some fun, celebration and get a very good time.

Me Personally? I am not in it.

How do you guys experience earlier men and more youthful females? What sort of age groups are you willing to big date? Just how young are you willing to get? you think age actually matters?

And let’s be honest here: What amount of people have outdated more youthful ladies right after which understood you used to ben’t for a passing fancy mental or psychological course as all of them?

After a really small amount of time, what amount of of you knew the whole commitment ended up being according to sex? I would love to get the discussion moving along. Let us notice it!

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